weather-proof your skin

Weather-Proof Your Skin + Bioelements Giveaway!

You bring sweaters out of storage, you insulate the house. So why aren’t you prepping your skin care routine for winter? Your step-by-step guide to better skin. Alleviating the tightness and flaking that are the hallmarks of dry, dehydrated skin is not just about slathering on another layer of moisturizer. It starts from the moment … Continue reading Weather-Proof Your Skin + Bioelements Giveaway!

sheet mask reviews

Now That I’m Sheet Masking More, Some Reviews

Ever since my 1-day-1-pack experiment, I've been on a tear, sheet masking like my life depended on it. Between press samples and gifts from friends and family every time they return from Korea, I have a pretty heft stash of them, and I figured at my previous rate of one mask every few weeks, the … Continue reading Now That I’m Sheet Masking More, Some Reviews