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Year in Review: My Best Beauty Finds of 2016

  Twenty sixteen was a crazy transitional year for me. The publication I had spent a dozen years of my life devoted to — more passion project than income source — had just shut down, and I was scrambling. Scrambling to find meaning, to redefine who I was without Audrey Magazine. What do I do? Who … Continue reading Year in Review: My Best Beauty Finds of 2016

weekend getaway must-haves

My Weekend Getaway Must-Haves

As I wait and wait and wait for our next adventure abroad (it seems interminable), I console myself with mini escapes for the weekend. And while a three-day jaunt to San Diego or Vegas can't compare to a half-month foray into another continent, I still get excited, planning what to bring, what to wear, what to do. July … Continue reading My Weekend Getaway Must-Haves