weather-proof your skin

Weather-Proof Your Skin + Bioelements Giveaway!

You bring sweaters out of storage, you insulate the house. So why aren’t you prepping your skin care routine for winter? Your step-by-step guide to better skin. Alleviating the tightness and flaking that are the hallmarks of dry, dehydrated skin is not just about slathering on another layer of moisturizer. It starts from the moment … Continue reading Weather-Proof Your Skin + Bioelements Giveaway!

The K-Beauty Glossary: Terms You Need to Know

Confused about essences? Not sure what chok-chok means? And why do some Asian skin care brands call toners "lotions" and lotions "emulsions"? Here, a handy guide to all the words and terms you’ll need to decipher K-beauty like a pro. Ampoule: In Korea, ampoules are hyper-concentrated versions of serums, made for use as a two- to … Continue reading The K-Beauty Glossary: Terms You Need to Know