Beauty Editor’s Picks: My Top 8 Faves From Composure Issue 14

glamglow poutmud

As we get ready to release yet another issue of Composure Magazine in a couple weeks (seriously, where does the time go?), I wanna share with you some of my favorite beauty finds from the current issue. These haven’t made me just look better — they’ve made my life easier! I’m constantly amazed by the latest technology and formulations coming out of the beauty industry that aren’t just window dressing, they really do work. From a Holy Grail lip treatment (because to call it a balm would be a serious injustice) to a highlighter that positively gleams, these are my new can’t-live-withouts.


1. Glamglow Poutmud Tints

This is completely different from any other lip tint or treatment I’ve ever tried. Sure, the silver ball packaging is fun, but it’s what’s inside that is utterly addicting. The lip treatment looks like a balm at first, but dip your finger in and you’ll see it’s a cream. I think it’s the cream texture that allows the formulation to avoid things like waxes and drench (as opposed to just coat) your lips with all sorts of plant oils and butters — sweet almond, murumuru, cocoa, shea, tamanu, babassu. It’s not at all sticky and smells heavenly of Moroccan mint (it takes me back to my trip there a couple months ago). They come in six shades, from a pale pinky nude to a deep violet, but they’re so sheer, I’ll take any shade. $19,


SHOW BEAUTY RICHE LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER2. Show Beauty Riche Leave-In Conditioner

Even when I finish any product from this line, I keep it on my vanity, just because it’s so pretty. Good thing they actually work, too — and amazingly. Now to add to my HG Texture Spray, Dry Shampoo, and Hair Oil is the Leave-in Conditioner, which basically rewards me for being hair-dumb and lazy. Just apply to damp strands, let air dry, and viola! Instant textured waves. $45,


3. Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment

glamglow poutmud fresh sugar lips

This season really has been a boon to my crazy dry, always flaking lips. Another amazing lip treatment that doesn’t feel like a balm at all. Its moisture-essential sugars, antioxidants, and nourishing oils make it super hydrating — and not in that waxy, sitting on top way. Bonus for having SPF 15, and it comes in the sheerest, prettiest shades. I stash one in every corner of the house. $24,


ELEMENTAL HERBOLOGY VITAL CLEANSE4. Elemental Herbology Vital Cleanse

In the winter, I get more whitehead-type clogs than usual. I blame it on my drier skin, a buildup of dead skin cells, and the effects of my acne treatments that feel harsher on dry winter skin. So I love that this cleanser not only has seaweed, apple pectin, and plant sugars to lock in moisture for up to 12 hours, it also features  10% manuka honey to act as a potent anti-inflammatory to quell breakouts. I use it whenever I feel a breakout coming on and my retinol cleanser feels too drying. $70,



5. Dip Into Pretty Pedi Spacers 


Photo courtesy of Dip Into Pretty

My at-home pedi time is more a chore than anything else. There’s no luxurious foot massage, no hot bubbling foot bath, or relaxing on a vibrating armchair. It’s get-it-done-and-move-on. Especially during the wintertime, when my feet turn ice-cold by the time the top coat is dry. But these crystal toe spacers turn my DIY pedicure into a bit more of a glamorous night in. I may be freezing, but at least my toes look bejeweled. $12.99,


too-cool-for-school-egg-mousse-body-oil6. Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Body Oil

Antioxidant-rich honey is also an ingredient in my new favorite body oil. Now, I have to admit, my body skin gets often neglected in favor of my more temperamental facial skin. But this incredibly unique meringue-like mousse makes post-shower moisturizing so strangely enjoyable. I love spreading the mousse onto my legs and arms and feeling it melt into a hydrating, non-sticky layer of honey, egg extract, olive oil, and four other botanical oils. $25,

rose gold beauty for november

Makeup Geek Highlighters and Elemental Herbology Hyaluronic Plus serum


7. Makeup Geek Highlighter

I’m kind of addicted to these chromatic highlighters. They’re so powerful, I have to tap off the excess and barely roll them on with a teardrop brush. But they’re so pretty and perfect for when I want to gleam, not just glow. Read my full review here. $48,


8. Elemental Herbology Hyaluronic Booster Plus+ Intensive Moisture Serum

Now that I’m older and my skin is drier as a result, I reserve a special slot in my skincare regimen for a serum dedicated to hyaluronic acid. This one helped quell the winter dryness I always get right around the holidays, and it’s so prettily packaged, I almost wept when I finished it. The only downside — it’s a relatively small bottle with a not-small price tag. Read my full review here. $139,

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?


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