The Bobbi Brown Holiday Makeover + New Launches For 2017

bobbi brown flatlay


You know how you might have a million shades of eyeshadow in your beauty arsenal, but you only reach for the same two or three, over and over? Yes, there are a ton of options out there for color cosmetics — from trendy new lip tints to glitter liners — and yet my hand always seems to automatically reach for the same taupe eyeshadow and my trusty mauve-brown cream lipstick, the ones that I know make me look good every single time.

Bobbi Brown makeup is sort of like that. Their colors, consistency, and textures are so on-point, so reliable — like a favorite cashmere sweater or your go-to confidence-boosting heels. I stash their Lip Glosses everywhere because I feel like they’re actually hydrating and treating my lips, not just covering them, while giving me the perfect amount of shine. My go-to brow color is one of their taupe eyeshadows. And I’ve officially become a concealer convert, ever since I started using their Retouching Wand, an amazing concealer wand with a plush cushion ball tip that makes concealing under my eyes a snap. It instantly brightens my under-eye area and it never creases, which was my biggest fear when it came to applying concealer under my eyes.

So when Bobbi Brown invited me and a friend to get a holiday makeover at their Beverly Hills boutique, their first West Coast standalone store (I know, right? It’s about time), I jumped at the chance. After all, Bobbi Brown is big in Asia, with a bunch of stories in Hong Kong, Korea, and other Asian hotspots, and I can see why. Their philosophy of you-only-better is right in line with Korea’s prevailing glowy-no-makeup-makeup look.


bobbi brown

Getting ready for my makeover at Bobbi Brown.


I was lucky enough to have Bobbi Brown’s Kai Vinson, the former Director of Education & Artistry Asia Pacific and now Regional Sales Director West Coast, do my makeup. Since it was the holidays, I decided to try out a glitter eye look, though I never wear glitter shadow because it competes with my oily T-zone. Kai applied a light peach color corrector under my eyes, followed by a beige concealer. Then he applied Sunlight Sparkle, a true glittery gold, eye shadow all over the lid and darkened closer to the lash line with a Golden Bronze shadow. A touch of Black Ink eyeliner and a truly eye opening sweep of Eye Opening Mascara (hello voluminous lashes!), and I was ready for NYE.




Some other makeup tips I learned from Kai:

  • Before drawing in brows, brush loose powder on them, brushing the opposite direction of growth to prevent the brow pencil from looking shiny.
  • For everyday, apply lipstick first, then lip liner second to clean up edges. (Do the opposite if you need your lipstick to last all day.)
  • A peach color corrector under the eyes brightens and covers shadows.
  • After applying concealer, apply setting powder with a small oval brush just where you applied the concealer to set it and make it last. Roll on setting powder, never swipe.
  • Use a concealer one shade darker than usual to cover areas of redness. It won’t look darker, but it will balance out the red.



The wine & chocolate themed holiday makeup collection.


The holiday collection is pretty and fun but still sophisticated for those of us no longer 21. But what really got me excited were all the new launches set for the next few months. In January, just in time for some post-holiday detoxing, their line of Remedies serums will be available. In lust-worthy apothecary-style dropper bottles, this line of serums targets specific skin issues, each with minimal ingredients and no preservatives. Think super greens like kale and algae in their Skin Reviver, or Skin Clarifier with salicylic acid and oily skin-friendly oils, or hyaluronic acid in their Skin Moisture Solution. I’m so excited to try these out.


bobbi brown flatlay

They sent me home with a giant stash of holiday makeup, as well as their new Soothing Cleansing Milk.


Then in February, they’ll be releasing a Soothing Cleansing Milk, and in March, a super-cool Art Stick Liquid Lip — it’s a matte liquid lip in a squeezable crayon-like stick, available in 16 colors. Of course, I can’t wait to try the Long-Wear Waterproof Liner in April, since I’m always looking for a truly waterproof, smudge-proof eyeliner, both liquid and pencil. Also in April, Bobbi Brown’s cushion compact, which has already launched in Asia and is only currently available in the States at a Bobbi Brown store, will finally launch nationwide. It’s medium coverage with nine — yes, nine — shades, from Porcelain to Rich. Finally, in May, Bobbi Brown is launching an Eye Gloss, which I’m told is not sticky and does not budge. I myself love the look of eye gloss, but hate the mess, so I’m really looking forward to trying this.


bobbi brown


It’s hard to believe Bobbi Brown is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. (Makeup artist Bobbi Brown founded the brand in 1991 when she recruited a chemist to formulate the perfect nude lipstick.) And though Brown is leaving her eponymous brand at the end of this year, it seems that her natural makeup philosophy will not only live on but will expand to a lot of exciting skincare, which, of course, as K-beauty has shown in recent years, is the key to that glowy natural makeup look.

Have you tried Bobbi Brown makeup? What are your favorites?



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