Product Review: Make P:rem In-Shower Face Mask

make prem in shower mask


The upside of winter: nice, long, hot showers. The downside of winter: dry, tight, crinkly skin after those nice, long, hot showers.

Enter Make P:rem In-Shower Face Mask. Talk about a practical remedy (which is what P:rem stands for). Full of free radical-fighting, water-binding algae extract; anti-inflammatory Centella asiatica extract; sodium hyaluronate (the smaller, more bioavailable version of hyaluronic acid); and over 10 skin-soothing botanical extracts (like blackberry and fig, all antioxidants), this In-Shower Face Mask is yet another time-hacking multitasker that’ll actually make you wanna get out of your nice, warm bed and into the shower. Apparently how the mask works is by creating a barrier on the skin, while the steam and heat from the shower allow the skin-loving ingredients to better penetrate. Think of it as a sped-up daytime version of your sleeping mask.


make prem in shower mask


Now, the first thing I do when I get into the shower is wash my face with a gentle sulfate-free cleanser. Then, I pump the mask about three to six times into my palm, depending on how my skin is feeling, and gently smear the mask on my damp face, avoiding the eye area. (Side note: While I’m not a stickler for convenience, I have to admit, the pump bottle makes it super pleasant to use.)

The mask is a cognac-colored gel, light and viscous, but not at all sticky. Actually, this worries me a bit because I imagine the not-at-all sticky gel melting off my forehead and running into my eyes, igniting a sting-fest that would ruin the entire point of a warm, relaxing shower. But no, the mask holds up well each time I use it. The couple times I get a little too exuberant in washing my hair and feel something running onto my eyelids, I just quickly and gently wipe it off — no stinging, no stress.

Check out this quick video by Glow Recipe on the mask:

After about 15 to 20 minutes, I feel my face, and the mask is still all there on my cheeks; a little less so on my forehead, but I feel its silkiness nonetheless. It rinses off clean and easily, and I pat my face dry. Then comes the real test. How does my skin look and feel? Does it really make a difference?

Each time I examine my face in the mirror afterwards, it really does amaze me. My skin looks like velvet — mattified, purified. It’s soft and smooth, not at all feeling or looking tight or dry. And I know that pores don’t technically open and close, but I swear, my pores look smaller. And the black stuff in the bigger pores on my nose? They’re no longer black. It’s crazy, I know. It’s like the mask left a filter or a veil of light diffusers on my skin. It’s probably the best my skin has ever looked while completely bare.

Even for five to 10 minutes afterwards, with nothing on my face, my skin has yet to dry out. And the mask’s effects don’t end there. The next step in my regimen is the acid step, where I apply a vitamin C serum on my cheeks and a BHA treatment on my T-zone and then wait for 20 minutes. Normally, by the time 20 minutes is up, my skin is dying for some moisture, the splash of hydrating toner like a long, tall glass of water. But on days that I use the P:rem mask, my skin doesn’t feel as thirsty and is able to withstand the 20 minutes much better.

So my conclusion? Yet another excuse to keep taking those nice, long, hot showers, sans dry, tight, crinkly skin. Now if only someone would make some skin care that requires me to stay in bed an extra 15 minutes in the morning.


Originally published in Glow Recipe.




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