I’m Now on Bloglovin’ — Come Follow Me

from where i stand a shoefie of marble floors


Hi all! Just a quick note: I’m finally on Bloglovin’ so you can follow me here, as well as on WordPress. (Apparently, the Bloglovin’ follow button doesn’t work on WP?? If anyone has any insight, I’d appreciate it!)


19 thoughts on “I’m Now on Bloglovin’ — Come Follow Me

  1. Luisella Audifredi says:

    Hello Anna.

    Thank you so much for your great blog, I never miss one. I know you are in LA but I was wondering if you can recommend a traditional Korean facialist in NYC….with all my search online, I still can’t find one and I’m hoping that you might have the right contacts.

    Thank you!


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    • AnnaMPark says:

      Hi Luisella,

      I’d start out with a facial at one of the bigger, better known Korean spas in NYC. I know there’s a Koreatown there, so maybe check out some places there. (You want to make sure at least the front desk speaks English.) I don’t know of any myself, but I can ask some of my friends in NYC for a recommendation too, so stay tuned!


  2. outofmythoughts says:

    I have the same frustrations with the button too. I just link it. I started Pinterest too and have not idea how to add the share with Pinterest button either. I wish there was just a complete tutorial for us beginners before we spend hours figuring it out!


  3. FrugalMissKris says:

    You can download the blog lovin image and add it to a sidebar or widget as an image and you’ll see it has a spot to pick where you link it to and that’s where you put your blog lovin link. I’ve found there’s a work around for most things on WordPress.com. You can check my button out for how it works.

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