Promote Your Look: What to Wear to Work for Summer

composure magazine promote your look summer work uniform


When I worked as an attorney (in another life), it was a serious challenge to try to put together outfits that were office-appropriate but still what I considered stylish and self-expressive. It was at a time and at a firm that was extra conservative (think pre-Ally McBeal micro-minis; if you know that reference, you’re old enough to know what I’m talking about). Even pants for female lawyers were a novel idea (I knooooow … I’m totally dating myself), and pantyhose was a must. (Ew.)

Of course, what I ended up doing was slowly but surely sneaking in a pantsuit on a casual Friday (back then, trousers for women were casual Friday-appropriate; don’t even think about jeans). Then a pantsuit on a Thursday. Then a pair of trousers and a blouse on a Wednesday. Soon, I wouldn’t say my office wear was exactly the epitome of style, but I was no longer dressing like my mother, either.

Oh, if only I had these edgy pinstripes back then — going to work would have been so much more pleasant (or at least, a tiny bit less miserable). Read on for my latest fashion story for Composure Magazine (and a shout out to Min A. Lee for the gorgeous layout.)


Get an edge on the competition with a summer office look worthy of a #girlboss: a dash of pinstripes, chunky gold details, and slide-on shoes to make it all look so easy.


composure magazine promote your look summer work uniform

1. Boss Hugo Boss


3. Topshop Pinstripe Top,

4. DKNY Wrap Skirt,

5. J.W. Anderson Bracelet,

6. Call It Spring Pancake Bag, $30,

7. Anmare Grommet Cuff, $440,

8. Louis Vuitton

9. Burberry Prorsum

10. Burberry Prorsum Chain Sandals, $525,

11. Zero + Maria Cornejo Bezi Shoe, $725,

12. Zero + Maria Cornejo Marta Dress, $895,

13. Topshop Pinstripe Jumpsuit, $95,


composure magazine promote your look summer work uniform


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