Composure’s Issue 11: Best Beauty Discoveries, Part 2

composure 11 beauty picks


In this second part to my post on my favorite beauty discoveries from Composure Magazine’s Issue 11 (our anniversary issue — yay!), I cover hair and body products that have revolutionized the way I get ready, as well as new favorite color cosmetics that make me look like a pro.


DHC Eyebrow Perfect Pro Powder: Japanese skin care line DHC is always ahead of the curve, offering their best-selling olive oil makeup remover long before double cleansing became a trend in the U.S. This brow powder is no exception. It makes filling in my brows so easy, especially important because I’m a total brow newbie.

First, I lightly line my brows with a dark blonde-light brunette pencil — you want to go one shade lighter than your hair color to avoid a harsh look, especially if you’re into K-beauty, where light brown brows are considered more youthful than dark brows. I find that dark blonde-light brunette works with my naturally dark brow hairs to balance out the darkness and impart a more light brown shade.

Then, I fill in my sparse areas with this eyebrow powder, sometimes brushing it in, sometimes dabbing in that one spot that’s really sparse. It’s so much easier to control than using an eyebrow brush and a brow powder, and for the first time, I actually really like the way my brows look.


Hourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Fortune: I’m in love with this makeup line — its packaging is sleek and its products pretty cool. I’m obsessed with the Ambient Lighting Powders — the Diffused Light is sheer enough to use all over (with no glitter whatsoever) and I use the Mood Light as the perfect blush-slash-sunspot obliterator. Its lip glosses are no exception — this hue imparts the perfect balance of beigey-pink with a hint of blue and is super hydrating. It’s also flat-ish (it bulges in the middle), not cylindrical like most lip glosses, so I appreciate that I can squeeze it into my lip gloss-laden glass cups.


Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish: As soon as the weather starts warming up, I switch out my body creams and oils for self-tanning lotions. (My legs are the whitest part of my body — go figure.) The problem with self-tanning lotions is the in-between times when my last “tan” is flaking off in chunks and my new “tan” has yet to catch up in color. So I consider this the perfect bronzing BB cream for my legs — it moisturizes, evens out patches, covers imperfections, reflects light and is water-resistant until I wash it off. It’s also eco-friendly, made with organic ingredients like aloe vera leaf water (which is its base, not water), shea butter and glycerin to perfectly nourish.


Sachajuan Ocean Mist: This green Swedish hair care line looks as simple and clean as its products. And its star, the Ocean Mist, is made with sugar, not sea salt, which can dry out your hair. (And with the last bayalage-ecaille color I got done, my hair is in some serious need of hydration.) Just a few spritzes impart a perfectly beach look that makes doing my hair sooo easy.


Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder in Devotion: I mean, how gorgeous is this highlighter? It imparts a gorgeous sheen on my upper cheekbones, and I don’t have to worry about it drying out my skin because it contains glycerin and skin-conditioning red algae extract. I just get happy looking at it. Key application tip from a makeup artist: Don’t swipe it on with a blush or highlighting brush — you’ll just mess up your perfectly applied foundation. Instead, roll it on with a rounded brush or dab it on with a beauty blender.


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