Estée Lauder’s Latest Gift With Purchase Is Sooo Good

estee lauder gift with purchase


One of my earliest beauty memories — and some of my happiest with my mom — was going to the Estée Lauder counter at whatever department store was offering a gift with purchase that month. We would peruse all the gilded jars and bottles and lipsticks — this was our candy store — eager to pick out just enough product to qualify for that coveted gift with purchase. Usually, my mom picked out a tub of cream, but as I got older, she’d let me pick out something for myself — a cleanser or a mascara. Back then, I considered Estée Lauder the epitome of glamorous skin care, my mother’s rituals of patting, sweeping and massaging done before a shrine of gold capped tubs on her vanity. So getting something from the brand for myself was a treat. But strangely enough, getting the free makeup bag or an adorable sample size of a cream was even more thrilling.

While I no longer have to buy a lot of beauty products, thanks to my job as a beauty editor — I pat, sweep and massage like a madwoman, trying to get through products — I still fall prey to generous samples (Sephora, I’m looking at you) and a vanity full of pretty tubs and bottles. And though it’s been a while since I’ve been tempted by a gift with purchase, this latest promo by Estée Lauder just may well have me headed to my nearest Nordstrom.


estee lauder gift with purchase


Partnering with fashion mag Harper’s Bazaar, Estée Lauder’s latest gift with purchase collection features iconic magazine covers from 1929 to 1932 on limited edition cosmetic bags. For me, it doesn’t get any better — a marriage of my love for print magazines, fashion illustration, history and beauty. Plus you get deluxe sized samples of Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex IIAdvanced Night Repair EyeDouble Wear All-Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup, and your choice of an eyeshadow quad, Pure Color lipstick and Sculpting Gloss in a cool or warm tone. And you only need to spend $35 to get all this. (That’s basically one skin care item — Estée Lauder is a prestige brand, after all.)

And lest you think that Estée Lauder is an old-fashioned brand for your mother’s generation, let me tell you now: This generation’s Estée Lauder offers a plethora of products for every skin concern and type, backed by clinical trials and all sorts of research. Indeed, mixed in with my Skinceuticals and Hylamide and Cosrx and Paula’s Choice is a hefty dose of Estée Lauder. Some of my favorite Estée Lauder products are:

Advanced Night Repair, $55.80 (on sale now): A cult favorite that, long before it became trendy, focuses on skin repair at night and comes in a dropper bottle (my latest obsession — all things dropper).

Clear Difference Purifying Exfoliating Mask, $36: Such a good clay mask that’s not at all drying and yet really controls my oily T-zone. Salicylic acid helps control hormonal breakouts, too.


The latest in mask technology including Estee Lauder's foil mask


Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask, $71.10 for 4 (on sale): OK, so this is an investment product, but it’s pretty dang good. The foil layer that goes on top of a regular sheet mask really does drive absorption and allows you to wear the mask for a shorter period of time (10 minutes as opposed to 20-40). I save the foil part to wear on top of other sheet masks, getting more bang for my buck.

Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Creme, $324 (on sale): Another investment product, I know, but wow, can I tell the difference between this and other face creams, especially when I apply makeup. It helps everything “melt” into my skin, without a hint of caking or sinking into fine lines.


estee lauder gift with purchase


The Harper’s Bazaar for Estée Lauder Limited Edition Gift with Purchase offering will be available at Nordstrom stores and while supplies last.

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