Estée Goes Millennial: The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder Is Here

Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim

The Estée Edit guest editors, Irene Kim and Kendall Jenner.


There’s been a big push lately for prestige beauty brands to reach out to beauty-lovin’ Millennials. New collections are introduced through social media, press events abound with recommended hashtags for selfies with the latest product, and while magazines are still the gold standard, influencer marketing is slowly becoming the norm. Just today, I went to an event for a prestige beauty line’s new spring collection, and they had already gotten top fashion influencers to push out their latest line weeks ago.

Well, venerable beauty brand Estée Lauder is no exception. Today, they launched The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder at, a collection of makeup and skin care created with the social media generation in mind. Read on to see the whole collection — it’s really cute, even if you’re not a Millennial.


Irene Kim Pore Vanishing Stick


The Estée Edit, inspired by THE original Estée Lauder’s famous quote, “Beauty is an Attitude,” features 72 color products and 10 skin care products. And just like the guest editors themselves — Korean model Irene Kim, she of the rainbow-hued hair, and the ubiquitous Kendall Jenner — the makeup is fun, irreverent and yet still chic, ranging from oddly-hued lipstick that deepens or brightens any lipstick you have on; makeup bases for the naturally youthful, don’t-need-makeup-but-I’m-still-gonna-wear-it 20-something; and selfie-approved lip gloss and highlighters. The collection is divided up into three “beauty attitudes”: The Edgiest (high pigment, high impact color), The Barest (feel-good formulas in sheer washes of color), and Guest Editor Glow (makeup and skin care for glowing gorgeous skin).


Kendall Jenner with The Estee Edit palette


Some highlights of the collection include the Flash Photo Gloss, a high-tech gloss with a subtle blue micro-pearls to whiten teeth; the Flash Photo Powder, a translucent blue powder that supposedly makes you look better in flash photography; the Pore Vanishing Stick that blurs pores and absorbs oil; a bold collection of 12 mattified lipsticks that includes a teal that is the perfect match to Irene’s once teal hair; and what I’m looking forward to the most, the Edgiest Kohl ShadowStick that apparently lasts up to 24 hours. And it’s a sign of the times that the color collections are not just for fun but include some serious skin care as well, as epitomized by the Complexion Hybrid line with its tinted moisturizer and foundations with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

The Estee Edit_Product on White_Edgiest Collection_Global_Expiry February 2018 The Estee Edit_Product on White_Guest Editor Glow_Global_February 2018 The Estee Edit_Product on White_Instantly Gorgeous Skin_Global_Expiry February 2018The Estee Edit_Product on White_Barest Collection_Global_Expiry February 2018

The Estee Edit_Product on White_Collection_Global_Expiry February 2018

Are you excited about this line? I love the irreverent packaging, complete with an oops-my-bad splotch mark. I’ll be testing out a few items from the collection, so I’ll let you know how I like it. Stay tuned!

The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder line ranges from $15 to $50 and is available at now, with rollouts to Sephora stores nationwide beginning March 15.

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