The Lazy Girl’s Guide to K-Beauty

lazy day spent in bed drinking tea, reading Soko Glam's Charlotte Cho's new book on Korean skin care and doing facial sheet masks by Karuna and Le Mieux


You know who you are. Chill. Relaxed. Laissez-faire. You’re not so much lazy as you are, shall we say, leisurely. And when it comes to skincare, you consider less as definitely more.

You’re not alone. Over half of young women still sleep with their makeup on once or twice a week. According to the CDC, less than a third of American adults regularly apply an SPF of 15 or higher. And even if you’re a skincare star, studies show that while the average Monday morning beauty regimen takes about 76 minutes, by Friday it drops down to just 19. And yet most women worry more regularly about their appearance than they do about finances, health, family, relationships or professional success.

So what’s a beauty minimalist to do? Thankfully, the latest skincare innovations out of Korea make getting beautiful (and hydrated and exfoliated and rejuvenated) easier than ever. So go ahead, do the bare minimum. Just don’t look like you did.


The Single-Step Double Cleanse

For Glow Recipe co-founder Christine Chang, double cleansing with an oil cleanser and then a foaming one is the most important part of her beauty regimen. If you think it’s double the trouble, you’ll love Goodal’s Trans Foam Cleansing Oil, which is a 2-in-1 cleanser that starts as a cleansing oil to melt away makeup and impurities, and then turns into a foam once water is added to rinse away clean. Seven fermented seed oils, including camellia, argan and jojoba, do everything from hydrate to soothe to brighten — three less things you have to do.


Exfoliate in a Snap

Exfoliating is one of those steps in your typical Korean skincare regimen that is often skipped by the less-than-diehard. After all, it’s essentially yet another step spent over a sink after a double cleanse. But experts can’t say enough about regular, gentle exfoliation — it sloughs off dead skin cells, it helps products absorb better, and it just gives you that oft-coveted glow. So what’s a lazy girl to do? The easiest and quickest way to get in some exfoliation is with Yoon Dermaline Marine Aqua Peeler. Just snap off the tip and sweep the giant, saturated cotton swab over problem areas like the T-zone and around the nose. In seconds, lactic and glycolic acids exfoliate while botanical extracts and 85% deep seawater soothe and hydrate. The best part? You don’t have to think about exfoliating for another week.


The One-Two Punch

Studies have shown that multi-tasking usually means that you’re not doing either task very well, and in the past, the same could be said for multi-tasking skincare products. Not anymore. Enter Blithe Pressed Serums. An innovative serum and moisturizer showcased in a unique “bouncy” formula, pressed serums are technologically advanced in that the key ingredients, like Chaga Mushroom extract, are “slow cooled” instead of heat-processed. What that means is that the original nutrients are preserved, and all that goodness, along with fermented olive and argan oils, go straight into your skin. It’s what co-founder Christine relies on when she has a lazy day (and yes, even she has those on occasion!).


Mask in 20 Seconds Flat

Time savers time hacks from Glow Recipe cushion compact, blithe patting splash mask, lotus facial mist


The part you love about masking? Sitting there on the couch for 20 minutes, not doing anything. The part you hate? All the stuff you have to do in order to mask — setting aside a good chunk of time when you don’t need to eat or talk, pulling your hair back, removing your makeup, cleansing your face, prepping with a hydrating toner. (You’re exhausted just thinking about it.) Which is what makes Blithe Patting Splash Mask so easy. You’re in the shower anyway, waiting for the conditioner to sink in. Just splash a little of this re-texturizing liquid onto your face, pat for 20 seconds and forgo the need to mask for the rest of the week. Your skin will feel amazing, and your makeup will simply glide on — and all in less time than it takes to read this story.


The Sleep Saver

Prefer a few more minutes of shut-eye to an elaborate A.M. ritual? Wish you could slap-it-on and go and still look good? It may well be what in-demand Korean actress and trendsetter Ha Jiwon was thinking when she created the multi-tasking J.One Jelly Pack. On those late mornings (read: every morning for some of us), pat on this unique jelly-textured pack, which treats, hydrates and primes skin, creating the perfect canvas for makeup. And surprise, lazy girl — the Jelly Pack also serves as a morning mask, making you practically a K-beauty pro.


Get Effortlessly Flawless

Now what would complete your transformation into a K-beauty pro is the cushion compact. Once you’ve run out the door, hydrated and primed, just dab on this foundation-sunscreen hybrid in a portable compact. The innovative formula, with a lighter texture than most sunscreens and yet better coverage than many foundations, will even out skin tone, cover blemishes and provide broad-spectrum sun protection, all in one step. It’s a powerhouse product that a true K-beauty star can’t live without.

Because you may be lazy, but that doesn’t mean you — or your complexion — can’t be luminous.

Written by me, originally published on Glow Recipe.

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