Annanymity on Instagram: My Holiday Style (and How You Can Wear It, Too)

slit sleeve tux jacket


It’s been a tough year, full of health and career crises, but I was able to reboot with an amazing, perspective-changing journey in Turkey this past fall.  And as a new year approaches, I’m looking forward to continuing this state of gratefulness, acceptance and mindfulness. To that end, I must be in a celebratory mood because everything I’ve been buying recently seems to be all about the holiday party, whether it’s a split-sleeve tuxedo jacket (seen above) that not only covers my flabby upper arms but also shows off a good old fashioned arm party, or an LBD with a serious split personality issue (read on to see what I’m talking about). So herewith, a round-up of my Instagram style (@annanymity), holiday edition.

The Jumpsuit




I’m a late adopter of the jumpsuit — I have no waist, and the jumpsuit is one piece of clothing, unlike the dress, where if you don’t cinch at the waist, you’ll like like a kid in a onesie. (Not attractive for anyone over 35.) Needless to say, I tend to avoid anything that highlights the area, preferring to obfuscate with skimming tunics or jackets. But this jumpsuit by Zara, though it does have a tie at the waist, somehow walks that line between slim and flowy. It may be the pockets (I die for pockets, especially super louche, low-slung ones), the v-neck sleeveless top or the culotte style. Regardless, I’m addicted to this easy look — to dress it up, I pair with my current favorite tie-up snakeskin heels by Steve Madden and throw a chic blazer over my shoulders. Office party done and done.


The  Little White Dress




Another winner from Zara (see a pattern here?), what makes this little white dress so unique is the super deep side and back cuts, with a black bandeau strategically placed. It shows just hints of skin, enough to be sexy, and even then only when you move or stand just so. I’m generally not the type to wear anything too revealing, preferring minimalism or menswear-inspired outfits, but this dress is a really interesting take on a classic shift dress.


The Split Personality Dress


long short dress


I’m really into the whole high-low top/dress look, so when I found this dress, I was ecstatic. It’s like they designed it just for me in mind. It’s got long sleeves (again, the upper arm issue, which I’m sure many over 40 can relate to), and it combines the sexiness of a minidress with the elegance of a floor-skimming gown. Oh, and of course, it’s from Zara (similar here and here).


The Cold Shoulder Top


cold shoulder


The open-shoulder (or cold shoulder) top first showed up on my radar a couple years ago, and it seems to be making a resurgence just in time for the holidays. Because this cut-out detailing is a godsend for those of us who don’t exactly have Madonna-sculpted triceps. After all, no matter what your body type, almost everyone has decent shoulders.


The Ruffled Skirt + Lace-Up Boots


lace up boot


Another office party go-to, the easiest way to dress up a pencil skirt is with lace-up boots. It instantly takes the look from staid to stylish. Score bonus points for updating your pencil skirt with some ruffles; ruffles are a huge trend for spring 2016, so you’ll be able to wear this look well into the next season.

Shop similar looks at ShopStyle. Happy holiday partying!

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