Traveling For the Holidays? Take It All With You With These Beauty Hacks

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Holiday travel (or travel anytime, for that matter) is stressful enough, so don’t feel like you have to leave your skin care regimen behind. You can take it with you, all within TSA limits — just switch out a few easy products.

Switch your cleansing oil for a beauty bar

cleansing oil hack

Now that I’m a double-cleansing lifer, I always make sure to bring my favorite makeup remover wipes with me when I’m traveling. But if you’re a cleansing oil type of gal, you’re in luck. There are now solid cleansing oils that work just as well and won’t have you going over your 3-oz. liquid limit. Me & the Girls, an organic beauty line, has a twist-up, multi-tasking beauty bar called Bar Beleza. Made with cupuacu seed butter and four other ingredients,most of which are certified organic, Bar Beleza looks like a twist-up deodorant. Just massage directly onto skin to remove makeup. (Bonus: It does double duty as a moisturizer.)


Switch your liquid cleanser for powder cleanser

cleanser hack

This is actually two hacks in one, because Dr. Oracle’s The Snow Queen Enzyme Powder Wash lets you cleanse and exfoliate, depending on how much water you add to this powder. Add more water and the powder lathers into a gentle cleanser. Add less water and the powder becomes more paste-like, perfect for exfoliation. The pineapple and papaya enzymes in this powder cleanser work to deep clean gently, leaving skin’s pH intact, and since powder cleansers require less preservatives, this is a good choice for sensitive skin.


Switch foundation and sunscreen for a cushion compact

cushion hack

Another two-fer, Korea’s arguably biggest beauty innovation to date, the cushion compact, covers your sunscreen and foundation in one convenient, portable compact. The technology behind the cushion compact is fascinating, but suffice it to say, not only does this give you the broad spectrum UV protection of a mineral sunscreen, it also covers better than most BB creams. Add to that the fact that you can reapply throughout the day (a vital part of sun protection) without disturbing makeup, and you pretty much have no reason to not incorporate this into your everyday skin care regimen, traveling or otherwise.


Switch your hydrating toner for a facial mist

toner hack

I know, both of these are liquids, but not only is a facial mist typically smaller than your average bottle of hydrating toner, it’s portable so you can mist your face on the plane to combat high-altitude dryness. (Something Korean women do throughout the day even at sea level.) Missha’s Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Mist has a cult following among Korean women for a reason: It’s been touted as the more affordable cousin of the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.


Switch your full-size serum for ampoules

serum hack

What are ampoules, you say? Basically, they’re supercharged versions of serum, which already is usually the most expensive item in any skin care collection since it contains the highest concentration of active ingredients. Think of ampoules as the boot camp of skin care: You use it in place of (or in addition to, if you’re so inclined) your usual serum for a shorter period of time, and it gives your skin an extra boost of goodness. I tried my first ampoule a few months back, and I have to say, I will definitely be a repeat offender. Leejiham’s Vita Propolis Ampoule pretty much did everything — fight hormonal acne, shrink pores and nourish skin. Ampoules are usually smaller than your typical serum or come in one-time-use packets, which makes it perfect for travel.

Besides, who couldn’t use a little boost during the holidays? Now if only they had an ampoule for dealing with the in-laws.

Click here to purchase some of the products listed above.

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