A Feast For the Eyes (and Lips and Cheeks): M·A·C Guo Pei

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Never heard of Guo Pei? How about Rihanna? Because Guo Pei is the highly esteemed Chinese couturier who reportedly spent two years making Rihanna’s richly embroidered, fur-trimmed, canary yellow gown for the Met Gala this past May.

But as lavish as that “dress” was (it seems a mighty understatement to call it a dress), it doesn’t compare to the other creations by Guo Pei, including something that can only be called a work of art named Magnificent Gold, which took 50,000 hours to create and practically fills an entire room.

So M·A·C pretty much scored when they got Guo Pei to collaborate on a line of lip colors, eye colors, powders and blushes, available October 1. Of course, the admiration seems mutual. “In 2003, when I was preparing for my first show in China, the first brand that I wanted to work with was M·A·C,” says Guo Pei. “It was a dream came true that I teamed up with M·A·C for the first time on my show.”  Herewith, more inspiration behind the collaboration, and a sneak peak at the full lineup.

What was your inspiration for the M·A·C collaboration? 

Guo Pei: I call my inspiration “The Garden of Soul.” Everyone has a space in their heart where we cherish beautiful things with our eyes, and we plant them like seeds in our spiritual garden. The flowers blossom, and we find happiness within them. Through my 30 years of career in fashion, I always find unique ways to express myself. This is the first time I collaborated with a makeup brand. M·A·C [gave me] complete freedom in [bringing] my vision to life.

You created eight couture dresses to accompany the collection. Can you tell us more about them?

Guo Pei: The design process is more like an enjoyment rather than work for me. I created those dresses at the same time as the M·A·C Guo Pei makeup collection. I imagine myself in the garden, enjoying the romance of the flowers. I designed the dresses three years ago on a beautiful afternoon when I felt really happy — a feeling that I want to convey in my designs. It took me two years to produce those eight looks. I felt these dresses complemented this collection perfectly, unifying fashion and beauty.

GUOPEI_AMBIENT_12005 lo rez

How did you this translate your experience in fashion to makeup?

Guo Pei: There are a lot of similarities between makeup and clothes. For me, they are both a way to express our happiness. That’s why we need colours when creating both. Colours express our feelings; I used a variety of hues in my clothes and in this makeup collection to convey my emotions.

What was your inspiration when choosing the colours and products for this collection?

Guo Pei: The colours I selected for this collection can be divided into daytime makeup and evening makeup. I chose a striking blue shade for the eyes, evoking the colour of the soul. I like to express happiness through my love for flowers and the spiritual garden. That’s why in all the blushes and powders there is gleam of shimmer in them. I want to deliver the feeling of happiness through this makeup collection.

Which of the 16 products are you most fond of and why?

Guo Pei: My one favorite product is the eye shadow quad, especially the blue one. Blue is a very bold colour, also my favorite. For me, it is also the colour of the mind and spirit. I hope women today can add a little bit of blue in their eye makeup so people can connect through their eyes into their souls.

Scroll down to see the entire line. Talk about vanity porn.

MAC_GuoPei_Lipstick_BraveRed_72dpi MAC_GuoPei_Lipstick_Coral_72dpi MAC_GuoPei_Lipstick_LightNude_72dpi MAC_GuoPei_CreamsheenGlass_BronzeCrystal_72dpi MAC_GuoPei_CreamsheenGlass_RevYandKeiVer2_72dpi MAC_GuoPei_CreamsheenGlass_SpiritRed_72dpi MAC_GuoPei_Brush_129PowderBlushBrush_72dpi MAC_GuoPei_Brush_213FluffBrush_72dpi MAC_GuoPei_EyeShadowQuad_Morning Light_72dpi MAC_GuoPei_EyeShadowQuad_Night Sky_72dpi MAC_GuoPei_FluidLine_Espresso_72dpi MAC_GuoPei_FluidLine_Graphite_72dpi MAC_GuoPei_FluidLine_ItsJustAGirl_72dpi MAC_GuoPei_BeautyPowder_Cashmere_72dpi MAC_GuoPei_PowderBlush_AblazeLite_72dpi MAC_GuoPei_PowderBlush_SoftlyRest_72dpi

Available at maccosmetics.com starting October 1. Photos courtesy of M.A.C.

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