How to Do Glossy Lids for Asian Eyes

liu wen glossy eyes

Model Liu Wen has the perfect eyes for glossy lids.


When it comes to beauty trends coming down the runway, it’s few and far between for us to find a trend that actually looks and works better on Asian monolid eyes. But — finally! — we found one: glossy lids.

Now, there are plenty of trends that I write about that just aren’t for me, and I thought eye gloss was one of them. That is, until I tried it. I’ve decided I’m no longer a shimmery eyeshadow person (it seems to make my eyelids look puffier), but I love the effect of eye gloss. As seen on Asian models on the runways, this trend looks especially good on Asian eyes since we have so much more, er, visible real estate on our lids. The trick is in how you wear it.

Here’s a tutorial on the best way to wear eye gloss.

1. Primer is key. You can use one specially made for the eyes, but generally any primer will do. I use Sensai Eyelid base (it adds a nice natural sheen) and I also like Koh Gen Do’s makeup color base, which comes in different colors to combat, say, redness or sallow skin.

2. Curious about all that pink eye shadow on the runways? This is the time to wear it. For some reason, beige-pinks and mauves look really good with eye gloss and the shine does away with that “I’m sick” factor. I find that a cream shadow works best since its staying power surpasses powders. I use M.A.C’s Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Stormy Pink — it’s a nice mauve color that hints at trendy pink but doesn’t make me look like I have a cold. It’s also easy to apply with the fingers and it has some serious staying power. Apply on the entire eyelid (up to where you can feel your eyeball ends), even if you have monolids.

3. Keep mascara and eyeliner waterproof. A tube mascara is best (like Fairydrops)  since even oil won’t take it off, and I love Maybelline’s Ultra Liner.

4. Once you’re completely done with your eye (mascara, liner, etc.), put a dab of eye gloss on the back of your non-dominant hand. Keep your eye open and with your dominant hand, place a thin dab of gloss on the upper half of your eyelid, the part of your lid that is visible when your eye is open — but just the center! Do not smear, do not rub in, do not swipe, and do not go near the corners of eyes or lashes — the gloss will eventually spread on its own. If you did it right, the gloss will not be affected when you blink (in other words, it’s not on whatever lid crease you have).

5. I’ve found that the best eye gloss is one that is more sticky than slippery. Rouge Bunny Rouge‘s eye gloss is really good, with a good amount of stick (it looks like clear lip gloss) but made for the eye. A tacky lip balm also works well, like VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Lip Balm. Other options like Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream imparts a nice gloss, but I find it more slippery and it will eventually smear faster. For a more subtle look, I like Koh Gen Do’s Face Balm, which has tons of skincare benefits so you can feel good about applying on your lids.

Just remember, until someone invents a non-moving eye gloss, eye gloss will slip on your lid eventually. I wear a cat eye liner and I find that after a few hours, the flick at the end will be a little smudgy. Just clean up with a Q-tip or your finger and reapply. The point of a glossy eye is to be a little smudgy and sexy, so don’t fret too much about it. It’s a super cool look that will have your fashion friends oohing and ahhing. Good luck and let me know how you like it!

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